Automatic Shutdown Fuse

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2012 Ram 1500 died on me today just after taking off. It would crank but didn't seem to be firing. Of course I was sitting right in front of someones house on a fairly busy street and it was raining. I checked the fuel pump fuse but it was good. I learned my lesson by using my roadside assistance but paying the mechanic an hour labor to find out the Auto Shutdown Fuse was blown. Hopefully it's an isolated incident but what blows that fuse?
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Not an isolated incident.. Got about an hour down the highway, 1500 miles from home and it died on the highway. Blew multiple fuses and had to tow it again. By pure luck we saw a spark under the hood when it blew a fuse trying to figure it out. Turns out a bracket on the CNG injector rail broke and was sitting on top of one of the plug wires and it was arcing. The ASD fuse can be tripped by a few things, including the fuel and ignition systems..
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