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I was offered to test some Auxito LED headlight bulbs. I chose a pair of their 9005 HB3 mini-sized high beam LEDs for my 2014 RAM 1500 ED with the quad headlights. I had installed a pair of Fahren LEDs 18 months ago. One recently died, so this was a perfect opportunity to upgrade.

The Auxito LEDs are 6,500 kelvin cool white, and rated at 80 watts/16,000 lumens for the pair: In comparison, the Fahren pair were 60 watts and 12,000 lumens. The package included spare sealing O-rings, cable ties, and an Allen key to adjust the chip orientation if needed (it was).

Once I popped the headlight assemblies out, installing them was straight-forward. The instructions are clear and include how to orientate the LED chips. I used the Allen key and after a few tries, had them correctly aligned vertically.

My subjective impressions are that while they don’t affect the reflector pattern, they have a better throw because of the higher ratings.

Sky Automotive lighting Road surface Cloud Asphalt
Automotive lighting Sky Plant Road surface Asphalt

They give a nice view down the road. A good improvement for rural night driving. I can’t speak to their assumed longevity, but my first impressions are good.
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