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:) It's been awhile, but I can't stay away from a Hemi Ram and this great forum of Ram truck lovers! I sold my 04 and bought a 2013 Hemi orange Challenger R/T classic last June. Oh it was a fun car alright, but I missed my Ram. I just brought home a 2014 blue streak pearl R/T last week. Now I have speed and the utility of a truck in one package. This truck is as scary fast as the Challenger according to the butt dyno! Now to start the mods again! Oh and Chef thanks for the recommendation. The Edge 2800 was perfect in my 2004.:smileup:
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do up some pics. Don't see too many in your color!

Good choice if you ask me!

^ I think that means your security has been revoked because you are 'tokin too much… :gy:

I like the blue a lot. Neat color.
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