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Hey guys,
I am going to install my back up camera that I bought like a year ago finally. I had two questions really. I was wondering one if anyone has mounted the camera next to their license plate lights, and if you have do you like it? I was also wondering if anyone knows where to get a tailgate handle with a pre-drilled hole for the camera?

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The tailgate handle can be ordered through a dealer, and probably online too. Not sure about the 2007s, but my 2010's tailgate handle was easy to cut an opening for the camera. Once the handle is removed from the tailgate, look on the inside of handle and there is a molded ring that is where the stock camera would be mounted. Using a cordless drill and a dremel it was pretty easy to do. Sorry, but I didn't take any pics of the install to share though, another member here did though with a Pioneer Nav receiver install.
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