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What are the factory specs?

If I want a wheel that sits between factory stance and out as far as 1" max from factory, what should I look for for #"s?
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Im not sure what the specs on the factory wheels are, but if you stick with the same width (say 20x9) just subtract 26mm from the stock offset and that will place the wheels out about 1". More or less depending on what you like.
For example if stock your wheels are 20x9 +26 and you want it pushed out 1" find a wheel that is 20x9 with a 0 offset, if you want it out only 1/2 inch find a wheel that is 20x9 +12. If you go with a wider than stock wheel then you will need to adjust accordingly. (20x10 +13 will sit the same a the 20x9 with a 0 offset).
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