Bad EGR Valve and plugged crankcase breather

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So my truck has been getting pretty bad mpg's, roughly 13-14mpg instead of the 16-17mpg I was getting previously. Took it into my local diesel specialist, and they suggested a new EGR valve and advised that my crankcase breather was also plugged, and needed replacement. I've seen posts and things about doing an EGR delete to improve mileage, and was wondering if there was something I could do for my truck to help it out, above and beyond just replacing the EGR valve and breather. I'm trying to do a lot of the work myself to save some money, and I also believe as a female it's probably important to learn a lot of truck maintenance anyway. Suggestions?
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Hi red hot what year and liter diesel? They offer a egr delete and a dpf delete, but you will need a smarty jr tuner or something to that affect to fool the computer. Its an easy fix with a few good tools.
it's an '08 6.7. If I get the tuner and do the EGR delete, do I still need to get a new crankcase breather? Should I just replace that anyway? It doesn't seem like it'd be a hard fix.
You are very limited in what you can do, being in Cali and all. However, an EGR & EGR cooler delete is very do-able with basic tools by your average shade-tree mechanic. I would replace the crankcase breather, it's a cheap and simple swap. A common problem with the '08s is clogging up the cats, we've swapped 2 sets on my dad's '08 3500 now, so you might want to get someone to pull the midtubes and have a look at the condition of the cats.

For the 6.7L I always recommend the H&S miniMAXX, I think it's one of the best programmers out there and it's capable of programming out the EGR system. If only you were able to delete the DPF, then you'd see a major skyrocket in your MPGs as well as power and gobs of torque.
Yeah, unfortunately in Cali if I delete the EGR or the DPF I may not pass smog :( How hard would it be to just replace the EGR Valve? would that fix my fuel problem, or could there be something else underlying that I'm missing?
Replacing the EGR is very straightforward, I don't know the valve cost is on the diesel, but it'll be fairly inexpensive.

What is your fuel problem? I didn't see you mention anything about it in previous posts, unless you're talking about your mileage. Replacing the EGR and the crank vent will let your engine's emissions systems breath better and should solve most of your MPG issues, but you also need to take a look at the cats and dpf as it's your most likely source of your bad mileage as they do become clogged and need replacement.
Sorry, fuel problem is the mpg issue I was talking about. I'm looking at getting the superchips cortex programmer and the EGR delete kit, which ends up costing about as much as a new EGR valve. I just need to find out if I'll still be smog legal in California. I'm hoping I will be, because if I'm going to be spending that much money, I'd rather have the improved performance!!
How many miles on the engine? I forget the schedule for the crankcase filter, but pretty sure its around every 50,000. Did the shop explain what wrong wrong w/ the egr valve or just trying tio sell parts. I do these on the ISM engines all the time, our cost is about $800. W/ a bad valve you have a definate power problem, dont think it would mess w/ the fuel economy that bad. And ya, being in cali, dont listen to anyone about deleting all the emissions stuff, it has to stay. What Ive seen people do to get around it is do all their deletes and the tune that come with it, and just keep all the parts on hand in case they need to put it back to stock. Cant recommend it though, sounds like a giant pita.
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