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Hi guys,

I am about to list my Bakflip F1 bed cover on eBay and Kijiji but thought I would see if any locals close to Toronto would be interested.

Bought it Dec.2010 for $950 USD and it is in great shape. No marks or damage of any kind. It is model #72203 for a 6'4" bed. I removed it 2 months ago so it is just over a year old. Pics can be provided if an e-mail is sent by PM.

Reason for selling is I switched to the Mopar cover so I could gain access to my front tool box (without flipping the whole cover back) and also because it locks on both ends.

I actually prefer the look of the Bakflip, as it lays very flat to the bed rails, but needed the looking feature for some traveling.

Selling for $500.

I will ship if no local Canadians are interested. Thanks!
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