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i want to put light bass filters on the door speakers because in my little rt there is no sub so the door speakers seem to vibrate the hell out of the door panels. i can turn the bass down but then it sounds like tiny speakers. would anybody think this is a reasonable idea? if not what should i do for a cheaper fix than adding subs or changing the door speaker?:wow:
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You can put a passive crossover on the speakers. You would want a high pass filter to block out the lower frequencies that you do not want.

Here is a calculator that will help you with the values of the components that you would have to add:

You will also need to know the impedance of the speakers in your door that you want to block the bass from.

A first order passive filter will allow bass to come through below your selected frequency, but at a lower level. Higher order passive filters will block bass at the same frequency, but allow less bass below the selected frequency.
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