Battery Drain

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my truck is having problems starting, now that is finally getting cold, i have instaled some hella driving lights and reverse lights. i had the battery tested and could not test because only had 20% on it. they told me to see if it was pulling any from it and i tested it with it pulling 11.62 amps, i pulled off the stuff i had installed but only went down to 10.82 and that was the trailer brake controler. any help with this or if you think the battery is bad.
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How big is your pickup battery? If it is not big enough and you are drawing more amps than what it is rated you can be draining the battery fast. I would buy a new battery because the one you have is obviously shot and make sure you let the parts person know that you are drawing whatever amps you are drawing while at rest. Here is an interesting website that will tell you about car battery amp.
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