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have a 2015 2500 6.4 with 46K mile on it. Bought it new never had any major issues until the last few months now. I have a boss plow that was installed at the boss dealer. the truck was snow plow pre ready when I bought it. While plowing today, about 7 hrs into the day with several hours down time (so not overheated or really cold either) As I was plowing my last few passes in a straight open lot I noticed the dash had a stored message. "Battery Saver mode" I checked all the forums and mostly says there's a draw on the system and it cannot charge back fast enough, it was to cold for the battery or to check the manuals.

I've checked the manual and only reference is if you leave the lights on it goes into saver mode not to kill the battery. The truck was warmed when it happened and the outside temp is about 37 deg so not really a cold issue I don't think.

Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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