Battery temp sensor

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Check engine light came on
went to parts store and they hooked up their analyzer
it gave a code for the battery temp sensor he did not have one
so tomorrow i will be tackling this problem
my question is if i replace the sensor and it fixes the problem will the check engine light go out or do i have to take it to a shop and have them do it?
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ok guys so i have a weird situation where i just noticed my 2004 dodge ram 1500 4.7 is missing the battery temp sensor , doesnt throw a code for it,,,.if i wouldnt of moved battery i wouldnt have noticed it missing..i found a couple of wires black and greyish white which iam assuming are the hook up wires for the bts
..i just bought the truck not to long ago and have been having issues with battery gauge not showing normal charging start up voltage gauge is slow to rise it takes about 5 seconds and it doesnt go all the way to the middle it is slightly less then needle at middle of gauge ,..anyways i have a pesty code p0344 cam sensor intermittent signal which i havnt been able to get rid of..replaced cam sensor changed engine oil and i am now reading that a low voltage system at battery weak battery or weak charging system can cause this check engine important is the battery temp sensor and if it was missing why didnt ecm through a code ...why would anyone disconnect a sensor i will never know!
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