BedTred Installed

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I was considering a spray-in liner as well as the BedRug and the BedTred. I went with the BedTred because I got a great deal on a returned one.

Install was fairly easy, I was a little off though was okay with how it lined up. You can pull the whole thing up off the velcro and reinstall. I have the same observations that other BedTred customers have with it being a bit "loose" meaning not sitting tight to the bed it a lot of areas. I did buy more velcro and would recommend it as it helps secure it down better. It pretty much looks like a really good spray-in when you look at it though it is soft and pliable. It had marks to cut for the cargo hooks that were exact for the Ram. It has have a few "creases" in the wheel well area that I have read disappear over time.

Overall I am pretty happy with it, if I were to pay retail I would probably be still deciding between BedTred, BedRug, and Spray-in.

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