Been awhile but it's been worth the wait!

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So I ordered my truck on 10 January 2014, it arrived 17 March and I took delivery 29 March. I have been swamped with work, finishing up my Master's (completed 26 April...YAY!) and prepping for the arrival of our second daughter any day now so I haven't been on as much as normal for those of you that have seen me on often.

Amidst all of that I have also been working on the truck! Please check out my progress at the link below and let me know what you think! I love this forum and all that I've learned and it's been great helping others out on their purchases etc.
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Looks like one sweet ass graduation present lol

How do you like the sound of the mopar exhaust and what it cost?
Thanks! I LOVE the sound! It is much deeper than the stock and really makes the HEMI come alive but without the annoying drone. I also really love the 5" tips that are much bigger than the stock exhaust and really fill out the bumper cut outs nicely!
I have no idea for sure but I dont think the tradesman (what I ordered) has the dual bumper exhaust. I have seen 2 now that just have a lame side pipe.
Did you order the HEMI, Pentastar or ED?

Nevermind I see from your info you ordered the HEMI. The HEMI comes with the daul exhaust. You probably saw Tradesman with the Pentastar V-6.
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