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I have been using WIX, which also makes the NAPA Gold, & Carquest oil filters
when i was up in New England last year, I tried several auto parts stores for a WIX, no one carried them, then i went to a Carquest store & the counter guy showed me that their Carquest brand was made by WIX
I should think that there are many good brands available, maybe even the Fram extra mileage filter, that would work just as good. Now that a FIAT guy is in charge of parts, they are not saying which brand is in the inside of the canister. It reads MOPAR on the outside & the box reads Magneti Marelli & a part number

OP mentioned cardboard gaskets in a FRAM filter, it is not the gasket, but the END CAPS that are cardboard, & they have been known to fail.
Most end caps are metal. The filtering media also is not glued in properly & can have gaps that allow unstrained oil to re-enter the oil system. These oil filters are the $4 - $5 filters, not necessarily the higher priced oil filters

As one writer wrote
'Saving money on an oil filter is right up there with getting a deal on day-old Sushi and bargain basement brain surgery'
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