Best Tires????

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Ok we all know dodges are heavy trucks but i have a 08 1500 quad cab...ect. ok I don't tow all the time but when I do it's heavy stuff and I do a lot of trail riding and beach riding. Any help guys
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problem is, one tire that is good for one condition my not be good on the road. withat being said, some like gy duratracs, others like toyo mud country.
what size wheel? 20 or 17?
Well it makes it easier to pick tires... Im switching from 20s to 17s
^^^^smart move
I purposely don't have 20's. One of my co workers just switched from 20's to 17's. He is happy with his decision.
For a 17' tire, the best one I have found for all around applications are the ones I have, the Firestone Destination AT. Quiet, Good Looking, great in any mud, sand, snow, slush, crap, gravel or pavement I have put them on or through. They have 40k on them now and look like they could go 40k more.
I have Dick Cepek Mud Country's on mine, great in everything and quite on the road which really suprised me as they are pretty aggresive.
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i run federal courgia's (i yhink thats how its spelled) i love em they are 20's tho but alot of people run them on off road jeeps they r prretty aggressive but but i live in the country and dont haul much but when i do its heavy stuff they r 10 ply. they r a cheaper tire but work great for me and i believe they come in a 17 16 or 20 i picked mine up off of
I agree with ArmyofOne. I have about 1,000 miles on a set of Destination A/Ts. They are very quiet on pavement. Excellent in mud. Couldn't ask for a better all around tire. Decent price too. I don't mean to sound like a Firestone commercial but they're good tires.
There is a good article the recent issue of 4 wheeler magazine..They rate 33 different tires in different categories..Street,snow,ice,rock,mud,sand etc..An give them star ratings in each category..If i find my issue I can fill ya in on some info..Sounds like street and sand mainly for the OP..Correct?
I had Bfg all terrains on a 17 in wheel and hated them, i was wandering all over the road and the sidewalls are thin. Put Nitto trailgrapplers on 2 weeks ago and these tires are awesome. I track so nice and straight, they ride nice and are quiet, and they look killer. They come in a load E which is good for my 2500.
I just drive to OBX on weekends but I mostly drive on road 85% of the time (like i haven't had my truck for a year it had 132,000 miles now it has 153,000 miles) and the rest is off road driving. I don't want a loud tire but i want the mean look I was looking at the Ferice Attitude, Fierstone Destination MT, Nitto Trail Grapplers, Super Swamper M-16 but I don't know much about how they go
You want the best tire you say? General Red Label or BFG Baja T/A. You won't find a better tire then either of those.
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