biggest rim offset?

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I was looking into getting a set of rims for my 2004 qc and my question is whats the biggest off set you can get to make them stick out the furthest? Also what are some cheaper alloy or aluminum rims, i dont want anything fancy like rockstars or moto metals. Im really just looking for the offset
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4in backspacing on a 10in rim they will be out there a mile..but it will be hard on your front end parts i.e. ball joints,tie-rods and bearings...
wow! thats a lot, okay what if i just wanted them out like 2 inches? is a rim with an offset just as hard on your front end as wheel spacers?
Are you putting a bigger tire on as well?
I've got 18x9s with 4.5" Backspace and -12mm offset. With my 35s they stick out pretty far
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looks good wes trail grapplers it looks like...what kinda, if at all lift is on there? Looks lifted but i could be wrong, and wow scott thats a lot of tire!!!
thats on my diesel, ya its alot of tire. suckers are running 20x9 hostages with -12offset and 4.5 backspacing with 295x55-20 grapplers and they stick out about an 1in to 1.5in..just enough not to much..
It's a 2.5" leveling kit and yes they're 35x12.50 Nitto Trail Grapplers :smileup:
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