Bilstein 5100 Adjustment Question

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Those of you with the Bilstein 5100's installed on your 4th Gen Rams, I am curious as to how difficult it is to make height adjustments once they are installed. The reason I ask is that I already have a 6" ProComp Lift and want to add these to level out my truck. I have seen conflicting comments as to whether the max setting (2.8") is too much. This is on top of the fact that when compared to other 4th Gen with 6" lift that it seems mine doesn't sit quite as high. I woudl like to be able to install these with max setting and then go from there to get the best setup. The attached picture is how my truck sits now. Thanks.


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your best bet is to make sure what setting you want before installing because once they are in to adjust them you have to completly rip them back out to do any adjustment
i know bighorn4life has a 6inch bds lift with the bilsteins installed altho i cannot rember which setting he has them set at
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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