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Hello everybody!
New to the forum and seeking some advice. I have read the loads of threads related to this topic but still find myself with some questions.

i have a 2018 1500 Big Horn with the 3.6L Pentastar. I don’t do much hauling and didn’t really think I needed the HEMI. I’ve been happy with the truck but am looking to make some adjustments. I was looking into adding the Bilstein 5100 to level it out and open up room to add some 33s when I decide to swap my tires. Here’s my questions:

1) If I’m going with the 5100s on the front for the level, should I just buy a full set and swap out my backs as well?
2) If I want to run the kit at a 2.8 for maximum clearance in the front, how big of a rear spacer do I need to maintain mild rake? I don’t haul often but would like a mild rake for when I do.
3) everywhere I’ve seen makes it sound like I could even run 35s with this kit without needing to trim/rub. Would running 35s with my V6 be no bueno? I’ve seen some people running massive lifts and 35s with the V6 so I know it’s possible, but not sure how practical it is.

I look forward to joining this community and interacting with you all. Thanks in advance!
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