Bilsteins 5100 series shocks on the way!

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i just ordered some bilsteins! I was fed up with the bumpy crappy ride my truck was giving me with the wared out stock shocks, so i told myseld f**k it its time to change them!So I got the 0 to 2.5 in adjustable for the front and some for the rear which were the 24-191203 ones. So cant wait to get them in and put them on asap so i can get a smooth ride again!;)
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Just ordered a set of bilsteins from Shockwharehouse with our 5% discount for being a forum member the total was 341.81. And get this they had them in stock. Now it's time to try to get a deal on a set of 2" rear springs from top gun customz.
Do you have to call to get the 5% discount?

If anyone knows, I put my year in and it only comes up with 1 set of fronts and rears, no other 5100 models, guess these are the correct ones for my 08?
Are they firmer then the stockers? Id hate to have it more bouncy but would love the leveled look!
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