Black accessories vs Chrome

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So while my '12 Laramie 4wd 5.7 MegaCab is on order I am looking for accessories. The color I chose is Molten Red with Pearl. The truck has quite a bit of chrome already being a Laramie and I am considering black for the brush guard, bug deflector and step bars (left Mopar's off b/c they want too much IMO), and locking fuel door. Being a true USC fan (we were founded first not SoCal) I like Garnet and Black and this will give the truck that look. However, what are the opinions out there on chrome accessories vs black. I think the black will wear a bit better (not that my '08 chrome after market bars look bad at all), and will help set the chrome on the front off. What sayeth the board? Anyone have a similar setup with black or chrome they'd be willing to share a pic of?
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Keeping in mind that it's just my opinion, I'd say go with the chrome, as I believe it tends to look better than the black, unless there is no other chrome on the truck, then the black would probably work better.

When it all comes down to it, it's your truck, so the only thing that really matters is what your opinion is.

good luck

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