Blackstone Oil Report For 6.4 ~7100mi on Castrol

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Just like it says, I changed oil about 10 days ago and got my report from Blackstone Labs Thursday. It appears that my motor still isn't broken in at ~21K miles and right under a year later.

To date I've done 4 oil changes, 2 previous with Rotella 0w40, 1 with Castrol 0w40, and currently it has Rotella again. I'm going to run the tests on the Rotella as well.

I use the larger diameter Hemi filters, either Purolator Pure One (gold) or Wix. The additional filtration might be the reason for the Blackstone Recommendation for a 9k oil interval.

I'm going to run the Rotella for about the same amount of time and see what I come up with.


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Thanks for posting, but its like 1"x2" and impossible to read. IDK if you saw my UOA, but I cropped it in MS paint and covered up my personal info and then uploaded it via the gallery to get it to a legible size. It took like 4 tries to get it right lol
Yep, I can read it now
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