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I bought a 2005 Dodge Ram SLT, 112k, on August 1. Yesterday I had accidentally kicked the parking brake and pulled the brake release, but the dashboard brake light constantly blinked. I checked the fluid levels and checked for leaks under the hood and under the chassis...there were none that I could see. On a whim I checked the wires to the parking brake and discovered that the pedal wasn't completely disengaging. I pulled the release and lifted the pedal about another inch. The brake light on the dash no longer blinks. Sometimes it's the simple things that cause the biggest stresses. Anyway, I thought I'd share.

On a side note, while looking underneath the truck for leaks I noticed the transmission looked new. I already knew there was a transmission sticker in the corner of the window, next to the oil change sticker. I called the number on the sticker and discovered the previous owner had replaced the transmission in May. The dealership I purchased the truck from had no idea. Of course, in order to keep the manufacture's warranty, I have to take the truck into the transmission shop in a few thousand miles, but that's no problem.
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