Body question about 2003 ram 1500 need to know :/

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Hey, I'm new to this site and have been scouring google for about a week now with no results. I figured someone on here may know the answer to my question. I need to know the names of the parts in the following picture labeled with blue arrows. This is my ram I'm having fixed and I may need to have a donor truck give me the mentioned parts but I have no clue what to call them when I look for them. I don't think its part of the radiator core support but not sure. What happened to the truck was a guy ran me and a tundra off the road causing us to hit each other while he ran. It was ruled a no fault but my insurance wanted to total after a estimate of 8-9k. I couldn't let that happen so myself and a friend who does body work are going to get her straightened out at his shop. Also the frame has not been damaged at all just in case you were wondering just the fender, hood, headlight assembly and these parts I don't know hopefully y'all can help!!! thanks Also any advice would be great too


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