Boyo Camera Install ???

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I am converting my 2006 1500 over to a double din and have ordered a boyo camera for it too. Does anyone have any input on the install? How should I run the wiring from the camera to the deck in the truck? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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When I installed my camera there was 3 wires coming out of the back. Video wire (yellow wire), Red power wire and black ground. I ran the red wire to my revese light on the rear tail. I grounded the black wire to the frame and ran the video wire under the truck to the cab. once I was in the cab I ran it under the carpet to the back of my navi
For my camera install a small hole was drilled in the floor on the drivers side to run the video wire from the head unit to the underside of the truck. From there, the wiring was encased in wire loom for protection and ran along the existing wiring that runs to the rear of the truck along the frame rails using zip ties. When I got to the rear axle and suspension area, I ran the wire above all of the moving components closer to where the inner fender lining meets the underside of the bed and then around the spare tire and to the bumper/hitch area. Be careful that you consider things like how the suspension will articulate during driving and how the spare tire will lower when needed so that your wiring does not get in the way. From there The wiring was run through a hole in the lower portion of the bed, through another existing hole in the tailgate and to the camera that was mounted into the tailgate handle. For power, the passenger side reverse tail light was spliced into so that the camera is only powered on when the truck is put into reverse.

ETA: The hole that the video wire passes through in the floor was sealed with silicone on both sides and if you don't want to drill the floor it can be run through a hole in the firewall behind the dash.
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Thanks; that is really good info!
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