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Hi Everyone,

I have a newbie question :)

I recently had Chrysler Canada install the brake controller. I'm towing a 2011 17ft Cargo Trailer, which is customized to haul motorcycles. I've been towing with no issues for a few weeks, with the trailer as heavy as 1 ton +.

This past weekend, my wife was towing the trailer with a motorcycle in it, and had to brake hard to avoid a collision that occurerd in front of her. After that, she felt that the trailer was "tugging" all the time, as if the brakes were engaged. When she applied the brakes at slow speed, the trailer locked up. We've also noticed that the display is constantly displying "5" - which is the setting I have it set at. When she got home, I did a quick run around the block and confirmed that applying gentle braking at slow speed caused the trailer wheels to lock up.

I guess I have a couple of questions:
1) Is there an online owners/users manual for the brake controller? I didn't get one when the dealer installed it.
2) Is it normal for the controller to display the setting all the time when the trailer is connected? I would have thought it would show zero if there is no brake being applied.

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So it seems I've found my own answers :)

1) The information is in the actual owners manual (downloaded from and not the user guide that came with the truck.
2) Yes, it seems that the controller always displays the setting it is set at whenever a trailer is connected.

So now I just have to figure out why the trailers brakes were locking up the wheels even under very gentle braking conditions - for now, I can only assume that the setting of 5 was too high for the weight. I'll find out more tomorrow, as I will be towing a totally different trailer (a car hauler) ... several hundred kilometers empty, and then the same distance back with a Suzuki Tracker on it. I'll have lots of time to play with the controller and hopefully get a feel for it, and the correct settings to stop the trailer at different weight loads.

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Just thinking you may have the Drum Brakes stuck on one or both sides of the trailer. Turn your brake control all the way down or off and if you still have the brakes locking up you have a stuck brake shoe on the trailer. May have heated up the drum and shoe from the emergency stop your wife made. Should be an easy fix.....doubt its the brake controller.

I have the stock controller that came on the new Ram just towed a 10000lb Camper with it and it worked really well with a 6.0 setting. The setting displays at all times while connected and towing. Hope that helps.....keep us posted with your results and findings.
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