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I think I may have an electrical problem but don't know for sure as the truck is not a daily driver, looking for some folks with 2010 2500's to do a quick experiment for me.

With Key off and lighting rotary switch set to auto do you get rear brake light activation when you step on the pedal?

All my other vehicles the answer is yes but I never noticed before on this truck. What complicates matters is the reason it was noticed tonight is we just finished swapping from the factory bed to an aftermarket aluminium bed that came wired to a junction block. With the key on all lights work as expected with the exception of needing to install load resistors or a new flasher due to everything being LED lighting on the new bed and blinkers going at about twice their normal rate.
he only thing I had to do because of the wiring being preterminated is the ground wires for each factory bulb are all connected to the single ground wire terminal in the junction block.
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