brake lights

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my 99 dodg ram 2500 has no brake lights, i have replaced evry thang i can thank of still no light. what can it be iv replaced , modules, fuse, balbs, brack switch. the only thang that makes my brak lights work is my brak controler :LOL:
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where is brake control taped in id check there
you dont need no stinking lights
Is it blowing fuses as soon as you try to use them? If so, you have a bare wire shorting out somewhere.
sounds more like the problem is in the control box. not the actual truck electrcal system. if the lights work with the controler only like he sed its between the control box and the switch on the brake. cause that switch also controls cruise as well if it was a blown fuse the cruise control might not work ether. there would be no power at the switch to tell the cruise to deactivate when the brake was pressed.

Thats my story and im sticking to it. But im probebly still wrong. Thats what the wife tells me.
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