Brand new Retro Solutions 35W Digital HID no hi beam after install

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I just installed this kit on my Express. It uses 2 bulbs total so a relay makes them go bright/dim. When I use the bright switch, the fogs go off and the dash indicator goes on, but the lights don't change at all.
Any ideas?
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Id give em a call and talk to em. IVe never dealt with a bixenon headlight assembly, but I know that there are bulbs that are supposed to be hi/low and only offer the low beams (DDM sells a set like this for 3rd gens)

Seems strange though, I wouldnt think that the relay would be what controlled low/hi. I think that would actually be the signal/power from the truck itself, which it sounds like its trying to do with the fogs off/indicator on thing
I had a lower priced kit from Pyle on my Durango. The same thing happened to that and a new relay fixed it. I'm calling them this morning.
Gotha. GL and let us know what they say/do!
Boy am I glad I bought from Retro Solutions, rather than my old supplier, DDM Tuning. Retro answered the phone on the second ring and asked me about the tiny, 2 wire connector that also needs to connect to the bulbs. I saw the one on the harness, but couldn't see the one on the bulbs while installed and for the life of me I didn't remember see it when I installed it.
Well I took the headlights out and there it was. Plugged them and they work fine. I am an idiot.
Well at least in my 48 years I've learned not to argue with the guy I called for help.
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