Bullbar installed

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What yall think? Dee-Zee Bullbar.
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Theres the listing. Shipped to my door in 2 days...pretty impressed with that.

Part number to look elsewhere - DZ503249
Looks great. What part number . I want to put one on my 13 sport.
The video I watched on how to install this showed the guy removing the whole splash guard which I attemtped to do today but did not get it off...turned out I didn't even need it off. Just put the brackets on and see where you will need to cut the hole and mark it, then get a cutting tool of your choice and cut the hole. No need to try and remove the splash guard to cut. Definitely have a helper or two...I tried to do the install on my own but needed at least one person to hold the bar at times.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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