Bumper replacement needed

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I got into a little fender bender Friday, i was following my friend, and he stopped short. the only real damage was to my bumper (and his) because his tow hitch and ball went thru the cutout in my bumper. i need to replace it. the cost to purchase doesn't seem like much, and i am somewhat mechanically inclined. how hard is it to replace a bumper, also, my currently bumper doesn't have the cut outs for fog lights, and i'm thinking about upgrading. how hard is that to do. any advice would be helpful. the truck is a '11 RAM 1500 SLT (chrome bumpers).

Also, if you know a place online that i could get a good deal, i have to replace my friends rear bumper as well (06 toyota trundra).
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The bumper replacement is easy to do if everything underneath is in good condition.

Upgrading to the fog lights can be very easy if the vehicle is pre wired for them. I added the mopar aftermarket lights to my truck and while installing them I was surprised to find the factory wiring there and the bumper brackets that have the cut outs for the fog lights.

If all you need is the chrome bumper then maybe all of the other parts are there with the exception of the switch, lights and a sales code to activate the lights.
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