Buy a ram 1500 and have questions.

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I am in the market for a used ram. i have a 2007 nissan xterra but need a truck and more space.

I am looking at this one

I researched the 4.7 v8. Seen owners had issues with engine sludge and timing chain issues. Has dodge addressed this issue on the 2010 models or is this just a old issue. How is the towing with the 4.7 v8 compared to the hemi v-8

The hemi one i am looking at is here
are there any known issues with the hemi I should be aware of.

both trucks are great love the style and the way they drive. biggest difference one has 14k miles the other has 40. any input would help
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I can't answer on the new 2010 models but I have a '06 4.7 myself. I have towed a camper, boat, and trailers with mine. I haven't had any problem towing. It isn't going to have as much power going up grades as a hemi will but will get the job done. I bought mine with 60k miles on it last year and have put 10k on it since I bought it and haven't had one mechanical issue.
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