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I am in the market for a used ram. i have a 2007 nissan xterra but need a truck and more space.

I am looking at this one

I researched the 4.7 v8. Seen owners had issues with engine sludge and timing chain issues. Has dodge addressed this issue on the 2010 models or is this just a old issue. How is the towing with the 4.7 v8 compared to the hemi v-8

The hemi one i am looking at is here
are there any known issues with the hemi I should be aware of.

both trucks are great love the style and the way they drive. biggest difference one has 14k miles the other has 40. any input would help

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The 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT/Sport/TRX Truck Quad Cab/4X4
sounds like a good truck
except for the small V-8 & lower towing capacity
I would find out what the axle ratio was though, you would want a 3.92 or 4.11 ratio for towing & off roading
The 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Quad Cab, also looks like a 4X4
Pros: 5.7 Hemi
likely has the Fold Flat Floor under the rear seat, great for animals & carrying tools, etc.

again check on the axle ratio, again the 3.92 or 4.11 for easy towing & off roading

Other stuff to check on

remote start is always a great option

check the lower right corner of the radios face for 3 letters
better radio to cheapest
RER or RHR both have Navigation maps
RHB also has Navigation
RBZ no Navigation
RES no Navigation
what you will use the most if you drive a lot, is the Uconnect for Hands free phone use & if you have a Smart Phone you will want a USB port, it is usually in the glove compartment
Both of these take Modules that connect to the back of the radios, not all radios have them
If the radio does NOT have them, maybe you can get the price reduced a few hundred $$$

Good Luck & Happy Hunting
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