buying another truck, things to look for.

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as the title states, im looking at picking up a 06 megacab 3500 automatic. what are some things i should look for or look out for when checking out trucks?
(example, when i was buying my 01 i was trying to avoid trucks with #53 casting series because of the cracking problem.)
problems with these trucks im familiar with cause these are what i grew up around whereas i never payed attention to the newer gens. until now when i want to buy one. haha. anywho, gimme some pointers boys!

this is a general idea of what im looking at...
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hmmm...... had one of these in my shop the other day doing some maintenance work on it. He had outer tie rod end play so I say check the suspension and steering system. His oil pan gasket was pushing out oil so I say look for fluids leaks on underside of chassis and motor. Also check and see what the fuel filter looks like. His had dirt and dust all over it usually meaning it hasn't been changed in awhile. Another good way to tell if it has been takin care of is by looking at the air filter. if it is pretty dirty then it probably hasn't been well maintained. Also make sure both front and rear axle's don't have any leaks or aren't low.

This is just on top of the normal things to look for! Let us know how it goes! Good Luck!
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