Bye 11 with TC problems and welcome 2012 pics!!!

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I had Torque Converter problems with my 2011, the problems started around 5.000 miles and about (11.000 miles) the Torque converter showed his true colors.

This is my old thread about it:

Transmission was dropped 3 times and torque converter was replaced twice. After this ordeal I decided to replace my truck.

On my last visit to the dealer, they made an offer in my truck, and offered 10.000 rebates + 1000 USAA member discount. As fast as lighting I accepted the offer.
Being a member of this forum for nearly a year, and after reading numerous threads with members regrets for not getting a better truck (ex. 3.92 vs 3.55 rear axle, anti-spin differential, and other things),
I went to the parking lot with a list on my mind. I spot a truck that I liked and went directly to the window sticker.

Color Silver:checked (just don't want another black truck, too hard to keep clean and scratches too easily, but is the best looking truck when is clean IMO).
4x4 - checked (my last dodge was 4x2 and I learned my lesson when I got stuck in 2inch of mud with a friend laughing at me.
3.92 Rear axle- checked (had 3.55 before and I learned my lesson when I had to tow my trailer).
Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle- checked (I learned my lesson on slippery conditions)

those were the four main things that I looked for, but the truck came with some extra perks.

Protection group: Tow Hooks, Transfer case Skid plate and front suspension skid Plate)
Electric Shift-On-Demand Transfer Case
Class IV Receiver Hitch
Technology Group: Park-sense(R) Rear Park Assist System
Luxury group: 506-Watt Alpine(R) Surround w/ 9 Speakers & Subwoofer
Remote Start System
Uconnect(R) Voice Command with Bluetooth(R)
Glove Box Remote USB Port

Extra negotiation: Oval Nerf Bars (on order for free)

The 2012 is a much better truck IMO, the 3.92 rear axle feels much stronger and the truck stays in ECO longer.
I am very happy with this purchase and thanks to the members of Forum Z for being here and to educate us how to fix, perform MODS and buy a better truck.

Enjoy the pics!!!!

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