Cab bolts stuck! Please help!

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So I can't get 2 cab bolts off to install nerf bars. The bad thing is even a impact cant get em to budge. Any suggestions?
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i use either PB Blaster to break the bolts loose

or if they are really tight, i went to a gun shop & bought some KROIL penetrant, i use it sparingly, sort of expensive

sometimes you have to use a pencil torch or something similar to heat up the bolt
Down to 1 bolt. Calling it a night. Gonna try those tomorrow. Thanks.
Breaker bar!!! Dont care how good of an impact gun you have leverage always wins. If and WHEN i run into this prob the 3/4 24" breaker bar comes out and put a 3' pipe on it and i have "yet" to be stopped!!
^^I'm a fan of Kroil (get it for free from work :D) and a big breaker bar with a snipe. Remember, you don't shock the bolt, but constant pressure and penetrating lubricant will move almost anything, except an ex-wife's sex drive.
as GTyankee said, some good penetrating oil and if you could get some sort of a propane torch on it to heat it up and lossen up the seized threads, then hit it again with the impact
Had to melt it out and re-tap the hole. I've never seen anyone melt a bolt kinda cool.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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