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I have a 2012 ram 2500. I've cut the cab off , left the floor and firewall. I've set a 1968 D200 crew cab on the chassis. All of the electronics steering and heater/air controls are hooked up. I was able to fit the instrument cluster in the old dash. I turn the key fob on the gauges come up, the heater fan worksthe radio comes up an enter antitheft code message. The engine will not turn over. I've checked a the grounds. I do not have any of the power seats , seat belts , power windows or side air bags plugged in because they are not there.
1. Will the antiteft on the radio keep the engine from turning over.
2. Apperantly the computer is looking for something but I don't know what.
3 I drove the truck in before I disassembled it. The batteries have been out for about 3 months.
4. I've done all of the resets that I can find in the chat rooms .
5. I need help. Please and thank you.
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