CAI sputter

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Hello all, I would say I'm a newbie here, but I've been following ramforumz for awhile.

To start, I installed a K&N CAI on my 06 Hemi Ram. Since installing it, I hear a sputter when accelerating (not at WOT). It only happens when in gear and from what I can hear its coming from the CAI. Usually happens at lower RPM's, but have noticed it when at cruising speeds too.

I have seen this issue posted quite a bit about people hearing a sputtering noise or tick or however other people have described the noise. I have seen responses of the CAI hose hitting the heat shield, the egr valve not closing all the way, the air flow slowing down, etc.

However, I haven't found an actual answer to what the sound is or how to stop it.

I've verified everything is on tight and re-installed everything too when I cleaned the TB. I've tried to center the CAI hose in the hole of the heat shield to see if that helped, but didn't.

Any advice or things you have tried/added would be appreciated.

P.S. As I know, you would like to see pics of the truck. Just waiting for the exhaust to arrive and to get my front windows tinted before I post pics. Want it to look stylish before showing you all :)
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