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Hey guys i wana get a cam and heads. I dont know what to get or where to start so help me out. Maybe exactly what i need as in all the parts id need to do the cam what cam specifically im not trying to break the bank and maybe an estimate of how much including labor everything would cost. If you take the time to answer thanks i wanna try and get all this done before deployment. Thanks!
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Cams run (new) in the $350-$500 range depending on the grind/manufacturer. Are you wanting your stock heads done up or a new HP set? Heads tend to cost a pretty penny depending on what you want/have done. For both things you are looking for parts-wise I would check out Hughes Engines. What will really kill you here is labor, I have heard shops quote as little as $800-900 to as much as $1600 for a cam swap. The cool thing is you're ahead of the game with the SCT. If you do all these mods, you will need custom tuning to get the benefit from all the parts. The SCT will load a custom program no problem.

Do some lurking on various 2nd gen Ram sites (or sections of sites), pretty much anything you want to do someone has already done somewhere.
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