Cam replaced 85,000 miles

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2019 Ram 1500 3.6L V6
Intake Cam on passenger side excessive wear others are good no wear
Truck has the 85000 miles but should this part have lasted as long as the others in the truck? is there anything that I can do? It was a $3,500 repair
Not to mention last year replacing the transmission at $62,000 miles
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bad lifters or oil supply restricted somehow. The cam bearing journal itself dont look too hot (slightly blued)
Oil analysis.. how many people actually act on what it shows? Do they see higher levels of bearing material in the report and say "oh my god, my engine is falling apart, I need to get it rebuilt?".

nope.. they just say "hmm.. something to keep an eye on" and pay the same amount for a rebuild when the bearing start knocking..

Does anyone know how long it takes for a cam to wipe itself? On a flat tappet cam where lifter stops rotating? 20 minutes has been recorded.. a non rolling roller? prob same amount of time..
It can but its only useful if you have the money to do something about it now. Most people I know that did it regularly and found they might have and issue still ran it untill it broke and just replaced the engine because it was still cheaper then paying for an overhaul. They just went about saving money for the new engine or started scouring junkyards for a used one to keep ahold of until the one in it finally blew.

Now if your in the business of over the road professional truck driving there's a huge benefit in that rebuilding a 15L engine is cheaper then replacing one, and you'd want to do one before catastrophic failure. but in a dodge ram. maybe on the cummins.
A friicking men.... even a cummins is kinida being overkkille... "OMG, it shows piston ring material,. I need a rebuild now!! " when the wear is actually normal
I’ve got the lifetime powertrain warranty, so if there’s a problem ram is fixing it.
Ummm... loook at your previous posts about axle leak and then get bak to us,,,
As soon as the leak happened the pickup was taken in. They covered that. Oil analysis wasn’t done on that.
and how much BS did they put you thru it according to posts on here? Sounded like a sh*tload
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