Can anyone please tell me how big my lift is?

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I'm new to trucks and actually just bought my first truck yesterday. It is a 2008 Ram 1500 big horn edition quad cab 4x4. And i can see that it has been lifted but i have no idea how much. the tires on it are Nitto Mud Grapplers 35x12.5R20LT. Can anyone tell me how big the lift is by looking at the picture?


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Not sure how much lift you have, I'm sure someone will be along soon with a good idea, but sure is a sweet looking truck and welcome to the forum since I see you're new here! When you get a chance, be sure to stop by the Newbie Checkin and introduce yourself! :)

- Cajun
It's hard to tell just from pictures, but I'd say it's probably about a 6 in lift, since you have 35s on it and still a little bit of room.
If you get under the truck and start looking, you might can find some logos that would tell you the brand of the lift, at least.
It looks to me to be just a leveling kit 2-2.5 inches I'd say, I can't guarantee it but that's what it looks like
Kinda looks like a leveling kit to me to....
Look like a leveling kit to me
Take some measurements from the center of the wheel to the lip of the fender and hopefully someone else here can post the stock height
Okay so i did a measurement and its about 25 inches from center of tire to the lip of the fender and once again, the tires are 35x12.5R20LT Nitto Mud grapplers, and i have no idea what leveling never heard of it can anyone help me out and maybe tell me if its been lifted or leveled and how much?
From the factory, trucks tend to sit with the front end lower than the rear end, usually by 2 or 3 inches or so.
When a truck is "leveled" that means that someone has replaced some of the suspension parts on the front only, and lifted just the front of the truck up by 2 or 3 inches so that it sits level.
When a truck is lifted, there are two ways to do it. Either a suspension lift or a body lift.
A suspension lift replaces suspension components in the front and rear, and lifts the entire truck up. The height of the lift is based off of how much the front is lifted, because suspension lifts usually also level the truck in addition to lifting it.
So a 6 inch lift would raise the front by 6 inches, while it wouldn't necessarily raise the rear by 6 inches.
A body lift uses blocks and raises the body off of the frame all the way around and doesn't level the truck, so the height of the lift is just the height of the blocks.

To me, it looked like your truck had been lifted and not just leveled, but it appears I've been outvoted.
Hopefully someone will come up with stock measurements so you can know for sure.
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It def looks like a leveling kit to me. Just had mine done and it looks like the same height.
Measure the blocks in the rear, if there are any.
No blocks = leveling kit
2" blocks = 4" lift
4" blocks = 6" lift and so on.
It also looks to me like a leveling kit, I also have a 08 big horn and it is still stock. The big horns sit higher from factory than the slt/se versions. on my truck when u convert the tire size over to inches it comes out to a 34.1x10.8R20. Hope this helps and yes i know this was a older thread but now i know i dont need 6" of lift for 35's lol.
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