Can anyone tell me why my leather seats have a white film on them????

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Hey folks,

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light as to why my leather seats have a white film on them.

I have a 2011 Dodge Ram Longhorn with only 1900 kms. I opened my truck the other day and noticed that the entire interior appears to have a white film on the seats. I wiped it off with my hand but it came back...

Can anyone tell me if they have experienced the same issue or is it possible that the leather is drying out????

My truck is in my garage that is heated and has not been driven this winter. Am I missing something here.


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Hmmm. I seen that somewhere before???? Dang I cannot remember. Of yeah. When you have something laying on the ground like leather it absorbs all the moisture in the ground. Kinda like dry sweep. or a pair of boots that have been wet and dried and sweated threw several times. You can condition it over and over and the white residue always comes back.
Makes me wonder if that set of seat covers were in the bottom of a cardboard box sittinging in some damp warehouse and the box had gotten wet or something and the box started to mold. And the seat covers absorbed all the moisture like a old boot or goatskin glove! Just a thought.
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