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Installed on '17 Ram 1500 w/ dual exhaust. Replaced muffler and tips.

The Carven muffler is a direct fit. No modifications needed. Install was approximately 90 minutes. The Ram was backed-up on ramps and I shimmied under using a creeper.

Spray lube used on all clamp areas and hangers. Rubber mallet or dead blow hammer needed to break the clamp seals. Don't forget to re-attach the grounding strap on the back muffler hanger.

The OEM muffler is a beast, use a jack stand to support the weight while you work it free. New clamps are included for muffler and tips.

It was best to remove the passenger side pipe as it will hang in your way when unattached.

All-in-all, a real simple install. even for old, fat bastards like me. It helps to have a wild redhead handy to pass tools and liquid refreshments!

My sound video:

Excellent install video:

Passenger side pipe removed

The OEM beast!

Carven Progressive Direct Fit Muffler
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