Catch Can Contents

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So it has not been quite a month since I installed my catch can
Decided to check it today and this is what was in there
Yeah there was some oil in it, but the rest was runny watered down whatever....And chunky slimy stuff...Now this might be a stupid question but is that normal?...I ask as the pics everyone else posted of their catch can contents looked like pure oil to me...Nice and clean looking stuff...So I :4-dontknow:

***It appears I cannot upload any more pics as I have used my allowable space....How do I delete old pics or threads to be able to post pics again?***
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No Worries man, when I run my winter synthetic blend. Say if my catch can gets about 3/4 full. I have chunks sitting at the bottom. Checked the oil perfectly clean. Running my summer blend it didn't seem to have as much thickness to it. I am no expert so

I just actually emptied it today myself and it had a few chunks/thick form to her. Thats after a good 350km run so she got warm. No pictures because its normal to me now, at first I was paranoid also. But after checking everything over seemed fine the first time. Rams still trucking along like a beast, no issues with it to me

I am not to worried about it, do the chunks have a grayish color to them?
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