CB and Stereo Antenna HELP!?

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I have an '01 1500 sport, I am planning to put dual Cb Antennas at the front of the bed on each side, I would like 1 to work for the Cb and 1 to work for the in-dash stereo. My question is, what would need to be done for this antenna to work with the stereo? My knowledge is lacking when it comes to radio frequencies and such, and I just don't know if there is a difference in what the antennas do. I have tried searching and am not getting anywhere. Please help if this makes sense! Thanks!
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That is a common set-up on most semi's. 90% of the time they use Francis antennas. There are converter pigtails that go from a stereo antenna connector to a PL259 connector which a CB coax uses. This is very do-able and a pretty easy setup. Any questions call Double H at Calhoun CB Shop-(318) 644-0694
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