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So i just orderd a Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB Radio for my ram. And i know that im going to mount it stright up right in front of my cup holder when its down. what i would like to know is how people are mounting the antennas. i have seen people mount them on there bed witch is where i want mine. but what i havnt seen is people mounting them with a tonneau cover. thanks for all the help
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so i know i placed this in the wrong section but i dont know how to delete it sorry
It is best to have a metal surface for a good Ground Plane, most tonneaus are not metal
A magnetic mount antenna, like a WILSON, can be set on your roof in the center, run the antenna wire between your rear door & the cab, or out your rear slider window

That being said, boats use CBs also, usually with a Marine band but not always, most boats are not made of metal

You won't have as much of a range as a regular antenna, but it will do the job, Wilson & some other brands carry Zero Ground Plane Antennas

you can run your antenna cable under your floor carpet to a hole in the rear of the cab, you can usually find a hole with a plug in the cab floor by looking from underneath the cab
Best places to mount an antenna are either the roof to avoid the ground plane it creates when mounting on the bed rail, or rear of the truck like a bumper mount with a long whip.
If ultimate range isn't an issue, you can have a mount bolted to the outside of your bed at the front and have it rolled over to clear your cover yet mount your antenna.

GIJoes electronics or Ken's CB online have a bunch of different mount styles that can be adapted to almost evey use.
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