Center Console Removal -Help!!!!!!!!!

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Hoping someone could help me out. I have a 2011 Dodge Ram Quad Cab and I am trying to take the box out of the center console to mount a holster. Took the 4 screw out but the thing will not move an inch. Anybody got any suggestions???
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I just did the same thing and was able to install without completely taking out. Go to the back seat and on the console where the vents come out, that whole piece will just pop off. Then move your drivers seat all the way foreward and look near the floor on the bottom on the console *looking from the back seat*. Remove this screw. This piece will not pop off (some), just enough to get your hand in to secure bolts. Then drill holes into the console. There is about a 1inch gap from the console to the outer piece. Then secure holster and put back together.


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