Charge relay ???

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I am new to this forum and totally love this site and all the great info it has! To make a long story short, i picked up my 2010 SLT Hemi Ram about two weeks ago, i had it back at the dealership today for the tie rod recall, and to fix me key fob issue.

My main key fob works great, the second one does not work at all(its not the battery in it) They told me they spent 3 hours working on the issue and they traced it back to a "aftermarket charge relay" that was completely corroded. I dont know how the charge relay(which i presume is used for charging my travel trailer batteries as i drive?) has anything to do with my 1 key fob not working. When they returned my vehicle back to me both fobs work now, and they replaced the charge relay. My vehicle only has 13,000 miles on it, so pretty much brand new. Is there any reason why the first owner would have installed an aftermarket charge relay ? Do these trucks not ALL come with a charge relay to charge the trailer batteries ? My truck has the full tow package!

Anyways any help/input would be greatly appreciated. :smileup:
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