Check engine light on after tranmission stuck in fourth (4th) gear

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Took a road trip last long weekend and when pulling into destination, the truck limped forward after stopping to turn off interstate. Noticed the transmission was stuck in 4th gear and check engine light on. Thought I accidently had bumped it but could not manaully down- or up-shift back to automatic. Knowing my truck and the "ghost-in-machine" electronic system, pulled over to shut off and restart. To no avail the truck remained in 4th gear. Went to hotel and started digging around the forum. Turns out to be a somewhat common problem so tried all the suggestions including re-flashing (pulled M33 fuse (PCM fuse) and turned on and off, pulled battery cable to reset, etc) thinking it must be an electrical malfunction because nothing else made sense (noise, problems beforehand, etc). This did nothing, so drove back home and called dealer to make an appointment. Truck has just over 100,000 kms so warranty off. Possible causes may be solenoid switch board inside transmission, PCM shorted or shorting out, among other issues. Not sure if there are any other potential problems (anyone can offer) but will keep forum posted on developments after taking in and hopefully finding out what the problem was....
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Thanks TransEngineer,

Hope they pull the fault code at dealer (not equipped to do it), but I did re-flash so hope it did not step in it and screw up the diagnosis. I did have an actuator put in a few months back for the HVAC and think they may have induced the electronic malfunction as there have been a few times when the electronic display has not come on....
As promised will still keep posting to let people know what happened in this situation
So here was the problem. Diagnostic scan pulled out P0750 fault code. The shifter Solenoid was pulled and replaced and the computer re-learned. All in all about $1000 CDN. What ticks me off is the powertrain warranty is for 100,000 km in Canada and 100,000 miles in US (i.e. extra 67,000 km in the states). Dodge should make this right
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