Check this Out!

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:Wow1: I was driving around town the other day and I seen this lil Gem in a driveway and had to get a few pics for you guys I couldnt Resist! :smileup:
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A buddy of mine had one of those brand new. That was a great truck.
Looks like a diesel conversion project that never got completed. Too bad, those are a nice truck. :)
Didn't those trucks have smoke stack exhaust behind the cab?
Wow, that's cool, sure hope whoever owns it plans on finishing it, would hate to see that one just sit!

- Cajun
Didn't those trucks have smoke stack exhaust behind the cab?
Yes they sure did! Growing up, those were always my favorite trucks(as well as the Dodge/Plymouth Warlock).

They were some of the best looking factory customs I have ever seen.
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Way cool. I hope it does end up finished, would be sad for it to just waste. Ive always liked these as well, always a big fan of step side style trucks.
I'd have to say I like it. I like it very much.

Lil red express truck, Midnight express, Warlock, and Warlock II.
Whoo! That brings back a lot of memories when men were men and.... Oh well.
loved those trucks as a kid! Hope they finisher her!
Anyone know where I can get stacks like that for my '95 Step Side?
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