Christmas! WeatherTech Floormats, Infinity Dash Speakers & Seat Covers!

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Well christmas was good this year!

Got a set of weathertech floormats, Infinity 3 1/2" dash speakers, and a set of neoprene seat covers!

I also got my 3M film I need to install one day when its warm.

I will post pictures in this thread as the progress comes along.

Heres a few pictures of what I got so far though, what do you think??:box:

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Nice looking mats! I want a set of those BAD!!!

How does infinity classify their speakers? Is reference higher than the kappa series or is it the opposite?
Thanks guys, here is a few pictures of the fronts installed. Damn are they worth it! The black matches perfectly.

And Ghost for the speakers their is 60$ price difference for me up in canada here between the Kappas and the References. I have heard awesome reviews for these so Might as well try them! There are specific differences between the two.

I got mine from A canadian audio site. Cheaper prices than futureshop or any other audio place around here

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Nice presents, congrats. I also have the Weathertech front and back (got them for my Birthday back in October and love them), good job getting them and thanks for the pics.
Do those weathertech mats work any good? I gotta use my truck for work, and was looking at a set of these. Are they pricey?
They are a bit pricey however they completely keep the slushy crap from getting on the carpet. I'd say they are definitely worth the price.
Great looking mats! I have them in my truck as well. I bought the 1 piece for the rear of my crew cab. It help alot with my son when he has his dirty cleats. I used to make him all most strip down before he got in the truck but now I dont worry at all. Well worth the price.
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